Stegner wants to go to berlin: pinneberg powerhouse

After his attempt to become SPD leader failed miserably, Ralf Stegner, currently head of the Kiel state parliamentary group, is aiming for the Bundestag.

Sees his future in Berlin: Ralf Stegner Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa

After Wolfgang "I just really know everything better" Kubicki and Robert "We want to help set the course" Habeck now plans a third nationally known size the jump from Kiel politics in the direction of Berlin: Ralf Stegner, currently chairman of the SPD state parliamentary group, will run for the Bundestag. On Friday he announced his plans in the SPD district office in Pinneberg.

People from the constituency had asked him if he wanted to run, Stegner reported. In the district of Pinneberg, a "powerhouse" in Schleswig-Holstein, he had gained local political experience in the 80s. He has been involved in Kiel since 1990, rising from press spokesman at the Ministry of Social Affairs to state secretary and minister. He has been a member of the state parliament since 2005, and was state party leader for twelve years.

But many of Stegner’s hopes, who for years was considered a spokesman for the left wing, were dashed: he neither became prime minister nor did he receive a call from Berlin to take on an office – such as secretary general. In 2019, he applied unsuccessfully for the federal chairmanship together with Gesine Schwan.

But giving up was never Ralf "I have never belonged to the inconspicuous" Stegner’s thing: The candidacy for the Bundestag fits well in his resume, finds the 60-year-old, who certifies himself "power and strength".

60-year-old Ralf Stegner attests to his "power and strength".

At present, he is the only candidate for the mandate, the previous deputy Ernst-Dieter Rossmann is no longer running. Until the 2. The application deadline is August. The constituency last went to the CDU, and although Stegner is aiming for a direct mandate, a good place on the state list would be important – a state party conference will decide that.

If everything works out, Kiel’s exports Stegner, Kubicki and Habeck would meet in the Bundestag in the fall of 2021. Stegner wouldn’t mind. His motivation: an exciting election campaign and lively parliamentary debates could "keep the right-wingers down."

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