Right-wing network in the bundeswehr: who informed hannibal

Attention, preppers! A MAD employee of the Bundeswehr allegedly warned KSK soldiers about house searches. Now he has been charged.

KSK soldiers in Calw, where "Hannibal" is also stationed. Here during an exercise in 2004 Photo: AP

The Cologne public prosecutor’s office has filed charges against an employee of the Military Counter-Intelligence Service who is alleged to have committed treason. As Focus-Online reports, a 42-year-old lieutenant colonel is said to have obstructed investigations by the BKA because he allegedly warned a person, among other things, against searches. Of all people, this is the man who, according to taz research, is one of the leading figures in the prepper scene. He is known there under the pseudonym Hannibal.

It concerns an incident in September of last year, a spokesman of the responsible district court told the taz. At that time, the lieutenant colonel had met with a Bundeswehr soldier in Sindelfingen to gain information about right-wing extremist tendencies in the troops. A business meeting, in other words. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the MAD employee reported on the BKA investigations. His interlocutor at the time is called Andre S. S. is not just any recruit, but a member of a special unit: the Kommando Spezialkrafte. Elite.

In his spare time, Andre S. prepares for crises. These can be severe storms or power outages, invasions, moments when the state can no longer provide for its citizens. is said to be a so-called prepper.

Since last summer, the Federal Prosecutor General has been investigating a lawyer and a police officer from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania who are also preppers; the taz had reported on this several times. The men are alleged to have exchanged ideas in chat groups about using the day X of the disaster to arrest and kill politicians, activists, people from the left spectrum.

In these chat groups, Nordkreuz and NORD Com, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, reservists, shooting sportsmen and hunters from northern Germany network. But they also exist in other parts of Germany, for example in the south. A former Nordkreuz member had confirmed to the site: The administrator of these chats is called Hannibal. It is Andre S.

S. has another dubious contact: with Franco A. The soldier, who is said to have posed as a Syrian refugee and planned attacks, was presumably also a member of one of the prepper chats. Whether he and S. know each other personally or only virtually, the responsible authorities do not want to disclose. The Cologne district court speaks of a "circle of vapors".

Coins as identification marks

Andre S. is an old acquaintance of the MAD, a so-called informant. The secret service is said never to have investigated him, but they had conversations with him. About the Preppers, for example. But also about another association, Uniter.

Uniter likes to be secretive. Members carry small metal coins as identification and sew badges onto their uniforms. They meet to practice knife fighting, shooting or first aid. Most of them are special forces of the Bundeswehr, the police or private security forces. Here, too, an elite gathers.

Andre S. had promptly responded to a written inquiry from the taz on April 5: "Should further questions and attempts at harassment come from their side, we will have to inform the military counterintelligence service, etc."

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