Comment: more bans, please

The Senate wants to introduce a nationwide leash ban – that is still far from enough.

Soon in the whole city: leash law Image: dpa

Gorlitzer Park is to become a drug-free zone, barbecues have long since been banned in most of the city’s other green spaces, a CDU member of parliament is calling for a ban on alcohol sales at night, and clubs are being forced to close by the dozen due to noise regulations: a specter is haunting Berlin, the specter of regulation, and it’s pretty ugly. Instead of relying on park users to communicate with each other, for example, they are opting for bans, controls and penalties. This is by no means only problematic for young partygoers, because it’s about much more than just the loss of a bit of fun: it’s about the loss of freedom – not the freedom to be able to do exactly what you want at any time and in any place, but the freedom to come to an agreement with the people around you about how to live together, instead of having this dictated to you from above. This freedom of irregularity must be defended, everywhere in the city.

There is only one exception. Dogs.

Hippiesque bubbles

Dogs that poop in front of my front door. Dogs that shake themselves dry over my towel. Dogs that nearly knock me over trying to get their tongues in my face. Of course: The problem is not the dogs, they can’t help it, they are just like that. The problem is their owners. Try talking to people who call their calf-sized pooch "Princess". Communicating with the people around you, the freedom of unrestraint – hippy soap bubbles that burst faster than the barbecue can be put under cover in front of Princess when meeting her master and mistress. He just wants to play, doesn’t he? But I don’t. This is a very dear one? I don’t care, he still stinks. I’ll clean it up right away? I certainly hope so.

Good news

Therefore: For dog owners it needs prohibitions, controls and punishments, the more, the better. The fact that you may soon be able to swim at Schlachtensee again without being bothered by hairy, slobbering animals is excellent news. Just like the push to establish a nationwide poop bag and leash law. Whereby: Whoever cries animal cruelty is actually right, such an animal must be able to move. So, the solution is obvious: make the leash requirement a statewide dog ban, please.

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