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Preliminary decision in the relegation battle: Hannover can expect Heidenheim, Eintracht will follow. It will be exciting for the relegation spot.

Sandro Wagner: soccer god Photo: dpa

The worst minutes of the season will be without me this year. Not only because I’d rather go to the theater than watch the tragedy of a relegation second leg on TV – no, it won’t concern me at all this time. I’m a fan of the Hamburger Sport-Verein, it has to be admitted. And this time I can look forward to an earlier vacation. Because since Saturday afternoon about half past five is as good as clear: Relegation this time without us.

A more than average performance was enough against the "little HSV", which has to go into the second division because of this designation alone. Ex-striker Bruno Labbadia put on the third or fourth striker, this time Schipplock was allowed to run, the Rautentrager scored anyway: Cleber after a corner, IliCević and Nikolai Muller after counterattacks. 3:0 away win.

Hannover 96 is now de facto relegated. 17 points on the account, ten short of the relegation place as of Sunday morning, while qualitatively actually already on Heidenheim level: That’s not going to happen. Bye-bye, little HSV. Have fun then on St. Pauli.

The Eintracht from Frankfurt will also have to go down, because they don’t take advantage of the situation even when it’s handed to them on a silver platter. FC Bayern managed the 1:0 even before it had been scored – Franck Ribery provided the goal with one of his magic moments. The rest was a kick to get used to, including a starting lineup for Mario Gotze, who is already being held up "Koa Gotze" signs in Dortmund. Let’s see who has the longer breath.

Eintracht, in any case, managed to keep up the pace on Saturday and, without Alex Meier, also has no offense. The offensive actions then also failed all too miserably – and the miracle "vice Bavarians" must again be postponed due to incompetence.

Sandro Wagner and the season of his life

But we wanted to look around below. So, Hannover and Frankfurt are sailing off, but who will play Leipzig or the club in the relegation? That will be really exciting. The Werderaner are up for any surprise, as you could see again in Dortmund at 2:3 on Saturday night. In the end, however, they have too weak a defense and will also suffer from the double burden (Cup final!). Stuttgart ditto: technically too good for the relegation, only in the defense hapert’s.

Sandro Wagner is having the season of his life at the Lilien – the fluttering puff king once again scored a goal, and in the end Darmstadt and Stuttgart drew 2:2. The Lilien, who are otherwise unimpressive, have to be beaten every time. It will still be close.

Because Hoffenheim has a young coaching genius and not a completely inverted squad, and because FC Augsburg, which has been tested in Europe, also has a lot of experience, it could still unexpectedly hit 1. FC Koln – because, as is well known, it also plays without a striker, although there it is more a system question than a personnel question.

But FC already had 33 points on its account before the game against rival Hoffenheim and was the more stable team compared to Darmstadt, Stuttgart and Bremen. So Augsburg after all? Because no one expects them? And the match against the club in the relegation has already taken place? But there has also been a Cup winner who had been relegated from the Bundesliga just one week before.

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