Portrait nazif mujić: bosnian bear seller

He won a Silver Bear for his role in "From the Life of a Scrap Metal Collector." His life didn’t get any better as a result.

A real disservice: the Berlinale award did not bring Nazif Mujić any luck Photo: ap

The biggest day in Nazif Mujić’s life was Feb. 16, 2013. In the film "From the Life of a Scrap Collector," the Rom from Bosnia had played himself – looking for a doctor who would be willing to treat Mujić’s wife Senada after a miscarriage, even though she had neither health insurance nor money to pay.

Environmental protection in germany: where does the coal for the climate come from?

How can CO2 emissions be reduced more quickly? When the climate cabinet meets on September 20 to discuss these issues, money will always be at stake.

Protesting until politicians act: Demonstrators at the Fridays for Future protest Photo: imago images / IPON

Emissions trading, CO2 tax, climate bonds: What financial levies and incentives can drive climate action, and how do these options interact? We provide an overview ahead of the climate cabinet.

Congo elections: africa calls for results to be suspended

The African Union is calling for the announcement of the disputed results of the presidential election to be suspended. This is unprecedented.

Supporters of the allegedly defeated opposition presidential candidate Martin Fayulu in Kinshasa last Saturday Photo: reuters

For the first time in its history, the African Union (AU) is taking sides against a government of its member states in a conflict over disputed elections. At a special summit at AU headquarters in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa late Thursday night, the organization called on authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to "suspend" the announcement of the final results of the Dec. 30 elections, expected in the coming days. There were "serious doubts about the consistency of the preliminary results announced by the electoral commission with the votes cast," the statement added.

Von der leyen’s new eu commission: more women, bosses and posts

The new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is shaking up her agency. But her dream team is already causing resistance.

The longer Ursula von der Leyen spoke, the less clear her priorities became Photo: reuters

Even a few hours before Ursula von der Leyen presented her dream commission, EU states were jockeying for positions in the Brussels agency. Some commissioners were kept in the dark about their responsibilities until the very end. But when von der Leyen appeared before the press at twelve o’clock sharp, she seemed at peace with herself and the world. She announced that she had put together a "balanced, ambitious and experienced" team. Gender, parties and regions were fairly represented.

Emergency aid in the corona crisis: november aid is coming

The government supports solo self-employed workers and companies affected by closures in November. The sector selection is criticized.

A closed travel agency in Berlin Photo: Sebastian Wells/Ostkreuz

Many solo self-employed people and company owners will now be rummaging through their tax documents from last year – and will be glad if they have correctly declared their income from then. That’s because the federal government has announced details of the "November aid" that businesses and sole proprietors can use to partially compensate for revenue losses due to the corona pandemic.

Travel was and remains dangerous: forget venice!

Corona is also a warning shot for the travel addicts among us. Staying at home not only spares your nerves, it’s also healthier.

Flooded St. Mark’s Square: travel was and remains dangerous – stay at home … Photo: Anteo Marinoni/ap

Corona came just in time, right? Until then, you’ve been jetting through the world, hitchhiking and pedaling like everyone else. 120 kilometers of traffic jams at the Kamener Kreuz intersection, three hours of waiting for the ICE, and a ground staff strike looming on Mallorca – peanuts! Nothing could stop you.

What is actually doing …? (Part 9): viethaus: a strange story

The Viethaus did not make a name for itself with culture, but rather with events of the New Right, with mousse games and diplomatic tricks of those responsible.

Sad end: the Viethaus on Spittelmarkt, opened in 2008 and closed in 2018 Photo: Andre Wunstorf

At the end of 2018, the Viethaus am Spittelmarkt in Berlin closed. The building, which had eked out a bleak existence in recent years, making headlines mainly as a venue for far-right events, had been ceremoniously opened in 2008 as Vietnam’s largest business and cultural center outside its national borders by then Senator for Economic Affairs Harald Wolf (Left Party).

The left in the european election campaign: the simulation of success

The Left is having a hard time in the European election campaign. It is missing listeners in the NRW election campaign. But on Facebook, everything still looks good.

That’s them: Left Party managing director Jorg Schindler points to the posters of the two top candidates Photo: dpa

ESSEN/KoLN/ On Tuesday morning, it is spring-cold and empty at the Willy-Brandt-Platz in Essen. "Die Linke on tour" advertises a stand, "44 cities, 29 days, 5,984 km, 6 big stages". The Left Party in the European election campaign. Today is NRW Day: Essen, Cologne, and finally the big stage in Dusseldorf.

Ramadan and pregnancy: fasting makes children smaller

It is not without consequences for the offspring when pregnant women fast. On average, affected children are somewhat lighter as adults.

Ramadan in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Photo: dpa

"I’m eating for two," expectant mothers often justify their great desire to eat during pregnancy. And they are right: the daily need for energy is higher during pregnancy. But what happens when pregnant women do not eat at all for a period of many hours, such as during the fasting month of Ramadan?