Trump speaks out on whistleblower: trump considers snowden pardon

US President Donald Trump says he will look into the case of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. At the time, he still wanted to have him executed.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden, seen here videoed joining a conference in Strasbourg in 2019 Photo: reuters

US President Donald Trump wants to consider a pardon for whistleblower Edward Snowden, who revealed the sprawling surveillance system of American intelligence agencies seven years ago. He was not particularly familiar with the matter, "but I will look into it," Trump said Saturday (local time) in response to a question from reporters at a press conference. Snowden was granted asylum in Russia, where he was stranded during his flight.

People management #170: malte g. Schmidt: media science based

Malte G. Schmidt holds a doctorate in communication science and joined the taz zahl ich team in September 2020.

Photo: private

Many new colleagues who come to taz grow into their fields of work, always with great enthusiasm. It’s rare that someone brings an educational profile that matches exactly what the job offers: Malte G. Schmidt, born in Munster in 1990 and raised in the surrounding areas (Billerbeck! Coesfeld!), joined the taz zahl ich team in September, i.e., that group in the taz media house that is in special, almost intimate contact with our readers. It’s not just a matter of the necessary taz awareness, but also of sensitivity: How do you communicate with an audience that holds us in high esteem – and yet sometimes has something to complain about?

Ramadan and pregnancy: fasting makes children smaller

It is not without consequences for the offspring when pregnant women fast. On average, affected children are somewhat lighter as adults.

Ramadan in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Photo: dpa

"I’m eating for two," expectant mothers often justify their great desire to eat during pregnancy. And they are right: the daily need for energy is higher during pregnancy. But what happens when pregnant women do not eat at all for a period of many hours, such as during the fasting month of Ramadan?

Vbb decides on new tariffs: trouble at the ticket machine

The transport authority has pushed through a moderate increase in ticket prices. Only in the coalition this was not agreed. A weekly commentary.

Price question: Maybe it’s better to subscribe? Photo: imago images / Schoning

The election campaign has long since begun in the red-red-green coalition, including transport policy. The current bone of contention is called public transport financing: Only three weeks ago, the SPD had the climate package of the green environment and transport senator Regine Gunther burst, with a subsequent and rather scathing criticism of city tolls and massively increased parking fees. The former is not even a done deal, but is only being traded as a possibility to raise fresh money for the expansion of local transport.

Too dry spring in the north: the drought that remains

Once again, too little rain has fallen. A dry summer is looming in northern Germany. There is much to suggest that we will have to get used to it.

This is what the future will probably look like: Field that needs to be irrigated Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

April 2020 was the sunniest April since records began. According to initial evaluations by the German Weather Service (DWD), it is the third driest and seventh warmest since regular measurements began. At the same time, climate statistics show that Germany experienced the twelfth consecutive April that was too dry. If climate researchers’ models are anything to go by, this is likely to continue for the next few years.

Zdf documentary on right-wing rock: a source of money for neo-nazis

The neo-Nazi music scene is professionally organized and internationally networked. This is shown by a new documentary with disturbing concert footage.

Supporters of right-wing rock gather at the "Days of the National Movement" festival in Tremor Photo: Detlef Muller/ZDF

A horde of bouncing and staggering men, including many with tattoos, their right hands raised high, a beer in their left, blare anti-Semitic lyrics to hard rock. This is followed by a call to burn synagogues and throw hand grenades into parliament. Another scene: hundreds of bald men show the Hitler salute in a tent, there is an eerie silence, it is a minute’s silence for a Nazi comrade, finally the crowd chants "Sieg Heil!" and shouts more Nazi slogans. It is these scenes from the documentary "Right-wing Rock in Germany – The Network of Neo-Nazis" that get stuck in your head.