Military spending and nato interests: too much to ask

After Joe Biden’s victory, Germany should once again spend more on the military. The demand is not new, but the rationale is.

Return of the U33, which has been conducting reconnaissance missions on NATO’s external border, May 2020 Photo: P.Nowack/imago

The German welcome gift to Joe Biden could be costly: After the U.S. election, Germany must commit to significantly higher military spending and NATO’s 2-percent target, is the cumulative message this week from the CDU, sporadically from the SPD and, for the first time, from a Green. "We should begrudge Joe Biden and Kamala Harris their success with the 2-percent target to show the U.S., too, that eye level pays off," writes ex-Bundestag member Volker Beck in a blog post.

Medvedev tennis world champion for the first time: everything under control

Russian tennis pro Daniil Medvedev achieves a feat in winning the ATP Finals in London: he beats the three best players in the world.

He really loves it: Medvedev kisses the ATP Tour winner’s trophy Photo: Frank Augstein/ap/dpa

Others sink down as if struck by lightning after a great victory, lie on their stomachs or at least stretch their racket in the air. Daniil Medvedev doesn’t do that. This time, too, after winning the title at the ATP Finals in London against Dominic Thiem (4:6, 7:6, 6:4), he strolled unmoved to the net after the last ball and looked as if he had just come from a meeting at the tax office. The photographers on the edge of the court accepted it with a sigh; once again, two hours waited in vain for the perfect cheer.

Parliament in france: macron plays the moral card

France’s National Assembly passes a law to "moralize politics" in the wake of the Fillon affair. Cheating is to become more difficult.

Not without my wife? Not with Macron. Some family members of politicians are now losing their jobs Photo: reuters

New rules apply in the French parliamentary business. They are intended to avoid conflicts of interest and clientelism and to restore trust in politics. The new majority in the National Assembly has thus implemented one of President Emmanuel Macron’s most important election promises right at the start. Economic reforms and painful austerity decisions are not on the agenda until after the summer break.

Neurological damage: environmental chemicals remain toxic

The overall health burden of environmental toxins has decreased. But the all-clear cannot be given – especially not for children.

Not without consequences: Mercury and PCBs in fish are suspected of causing brain diseases. Picture: dpa

Modern life is characterized by a whole host of substances. Not only are there numerous chemicals in PET bottles and computer casings, but the list of ingredients in food and drinking water, cosmetics, clothing, furniture and house dust is also long – and usually not visible to the consumer.

Obituary heinrich lummer: not an unsympathetic asshole

Christian Democrat Heinrich Lummer, Berlin’s Senator of the Interior from 1981 to 1986, died on June 15 at the age of 86

September 1981: Lummer enters a vacated house on Bulowstrasse Photo: dpa

A "great politician" he had been, the Berlin CDU chairman Kai Wegener paid tribute to his party colleague Heinrich Lummer, who has now died at the age of 86. Contemporary witnesses remember the popular and polarizing Christian Democrat as a rather small man who was often said to have the Napoleon syndrome; a small man with a big mouth. In any case, Lummer was an influential right-wing populist long before the term existed.

New hard-coal-fired power plant: compensation planned for datteln iv

The German government expects the coal-fired power plant to generate an additional 10 million metric tons of CO2. This is to be compensated for by more shutdowns.

Should not harm the climate, according to the federal government: Datteln IV coal-fired power plant Photo: Bernd Thiessen/dpa

According to calculations commissioned by the German government, the planned commissioning of the Datteln IV coal-fired power plant will result in additional CO2 emissions – even if other coal-fired power plants with the same capacity are taken off the grid in return. A spokesman for the Federal Environment Ministry confirmed this to the taz. "These additional emissions are about 10 million tons of CO2 over the entire lifetime of the power plant," the spokesman said.

Ailing belgian nuclear power plants: despite cracks, they may continue to radiate

The German Reactor Safety Commission has no objections to the continued operation of Tihange 2 and Doel 3. A broad alliance sees it differently.

According to the commission, the cracks are not increasing significantly, even in the event of accidents, they are not an extra risk Photo: dpa

The Belgian nuclear power plants Tihange 2 and Doel 3, which are highly controversial after numerous incidents, but mainly because of thousands of cracks on the reactor pressure vessels, can continue to be operated safely in the future, according to the German Reactor Safety Commission (RSK).

Power struggle in the bundesliga: lodenkalle and the group of 15

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has founded a new Klungelklub for the Bundesliga. Only those who are subordinate to FC Bayern are allowed to join.

Boss: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge makes announcements Photo: Martin Meissner/ap

Collecting ideas, motivating employees to independently search for solutions to problems, and providing feedback on suggestions made are among the most important tasks of modern management. This is sometimes called idea management. Making ideas heard, even from departments that are not at the top of the corporate hierarchy, is one of the biggest tasks here.

Criticism of the course of the nazi demonstration in berlin: the police is not an escort service

Obvious Heb worship and escort service: Berlin leftists and Greens demand an evaluation of Saturday’s neo-Nazi demonstration.

Showed themselves as proven Heb fans: front banner of the neo-Nazi demonstration on Saturday Photo: dpa

Leftists and Greens criticize the course of the neo-Nazi demonstration on Saturday in Berlin and the behavior of the police. Nazi crimes were glorified in the march, Left Party member Anne Helm told the taz newspaper on Sunday. She referred, among other things, to the front banner with the inscription "I regret nothing – National Socialists Berlin." "The reference to Rudolf Heb is clear, the occasion is clear – that can’t be the case in the future."