Power struggle in the bundesliga: lodenkalle and the group of 15

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has founded a new Klungelklub for the Bundesliga. Only those who are subordinate to FC Bayern are allowed to join.

Boss: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge makes announcements Photo: Martin Meissner/ap

Collecting ideas, motivating employees to independently search for solutions to problems, and providing feedback on suggestions made are among the most important tasks of modern management. This is sometimes called idea management. Making ideas heard, even from departments that are not at the top of the corporate hierarchy, is one of the biggest tasks here.

Hyperdub label anniversary: waking up to future shock.

Social context and aesthetic project: Hyperdub releases records only from friends, becoming the best label in the world.

Exceptional producer with an eye for the undergrowth: Scratcha DVA. Image: Meg Sharp/Promo

No institution of the music industry is questioned as much as the record label. These companies are often said to be superfluous today, since artists can take care of their own promotion and distribution on the Internet. Those who argue in this way forget that labels, whether they publish pop, rock or electronic music, are never merely a means to an economic end. They establish something else: an aesthetic and a social context. One such example is the curatorial work of the London-based platform Hyperdub.

Resistance fight against franco: guerrillero of memory

Francisco MartInez López once fought against Franco. Now he is fighting for Spain’s communists to finally rehabilitate their own victims.

Activists remember the disappeared from the Spanish Civil War Photo: imago/Pacifik Press Agency

Francisco MartInez Lopez could not ask more clearly, but louder he could. "I ask my party – the Spanish Communist Party (PCE) – to admit the disgusting methods it used during the years of the anti-Franquist guerrillas and to rehabilitate those who suffered, especially those who were executed on the orders of the leadership," declared the 91-year-old man from the mining region of El Bierzo, in Spain’s northwest.

Environmental protection in germany: where does the coal for the climate come from?

How can CO2 emissions be reduced more quickly? When the climate cabinet meets on September 20 to discuss these issues, money will always be at stake.

Protesting until politicians act: Demonstrators at the Fridays for Future protest Photo: imago images / IPON

Emissions trading, CO2 tax, climate bonds: What financial levies and incentives can drive climate action, and how do these options interact? We provide an overview ahead of the climate cabinet.

Election in the netherlands: right-wing populists stopped

The election result forces Social Democrats and right-wing liberals into a coalition. The coalition is seen as pro-European.

Radiant winner: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Photo: dpa

Mark Rutte with his right-wing liberal VVD is the winner of the early elections in the Netherlands and the Social Democrats (PvdA) are on the rise again. Their new leading candidate Diederik Samsom made a spectacular gain.

Inflexibility in old age: no more new stuff, please

Stubbornness adorns the mature man. He has already learned everything important. New ideas only disturb the inner and outer peace.

Old age is full of calm certainty Photo: Marcelo Chello/imago

At some point, the mature man comes to the firm realization that he doesn’t need to learn anything new, let alone experience it. After all, he has experienced enough, and, hand on heart, most of it was superfluous anyway and not particularly enjoyable either. Above all, however, the new is exhausting. At some point, enough is enough with the stress. What was the point of going to school for an agonizing eight or ten or even thirteen years plus overtime? That’s when it has to be good.

About the end of a partnership: leaving? Stay? Leave? Stay?

Some women want to get away from their husbands. But internal and external pressures keep them from separating again and again.

What if he changes after all … Photo: photocase/dioxin

"We let it last as long as it takes. We’re not doing anything about it and we’re not doing anything for it." Says Paula to Paul in the Defa classic "Paul and Paula".

Telemann at the state opera in berlin: the festival of the hanseatic league

Even merchants want to laugh: Eva Maria Hockmayr stages Telemann’s opera "Emma and Eginhard" at the Berlin State Opera.

Gyula Orendt as Charlemagne and Robin Johannsen as his daughter Emma in Telemann’s "Emma and Eginhard". Picture: Monika Rittershaus/Staatsoper

There was something to celebrate back then in Hamburg in 1728. For 50 years, the merchants and councillors of the Free and Hanseatic City had afforded themselves their own opera. They had already built it to celebrate. Namely themselves.

Social muesli roastery: for a proper breakfast

The Luneburg-based muesli manufacturer Heyho gives people a chance who would otherwise have no chance on the job market. A visit to the roasting room.

From the hand into the jar: All varieties at Heyho are vegan Photo: Kai-Hendrik Schroder/Heyho

A whiff of Christmas is in the air in an industrial park in Luneburg, and that’s in the middle of January. In the roastery of the Heyho muesli factory, the "Apple Stroodle" variety is being baked today, with a good load of cardamom and cinnamon. Radio pop is playing, and people are singing along with the Backstreet Boys. The mood is good, despite a staff shortage. General Manager Christian Schmidt stands in the back of the warehouse and sticks labels. "I enjoy it when I can lend a hand like I did in the beginning."

Safe countries of origin: a heartfelt concern of the coalition

The Bundestag will declare several states safe countries of origin. Opposition comes from the Greens. The law will fail in the Bundesrat.

Behind bars, a person obliged to leave the country waits for deportation Photo: dpa

It is rare for a coalition to pass a law that it knows will probably not come into force. But that is exactly what the grand coalition is doing this Friday morning. In the Bundestag, the CDU/CSU and SPD are giving their blessing to a tightening of asylum law that declares Georgia, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco safe countries of origin.