Private sector and disability: nahles hopes for good will

The opposition and the federal social minister are not satisfied: private companies are exempt from the new disability laws.

Disabled people protest against controversial new laws near the Bundestag on May 12 Photo: dpa

Article 3 of the Basic Law guarantees that no one may be disadvantaged because of a disability. In addition, the German government has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, according to which disabled persons have a right to inclusion, barrier-free access and a self-determined life. Two new laws attempt to do justice to this.

Police violence in the usa: unarmed black man shot dead

Texas police shot and killed an unarmed black man near Dallas. There had been an altercation beforehand, officials say.

Vigil for slain Christian Taylor, who was shot dead Aug. 8. Photo: ap

Another unarmed black man has been shot by a police officer in the United States. The case in a Dallas suburb raised questions a year after a white officer fatally shot teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson. Arlington police confirmed that the 19-year-old student was unarmed.

Petition of the week: uli hoeneb must stay

The president of FC Bayern probably wants to retire. Some fans are calling on him to stay. With prominent support.

40 years with the club is not enough for the fans: Uli Hoeneb in the stadium of FC Bayern Munich Photo: reuters

An almost messed-up season, the urgently needed squad shake-up and crazy transfer costs: FC Bayern Munich is facing troubled times. And then there is also the news that Uli Hoeneb intends to retire from the club management.

Portrait nazif mujić: bosnian bear seller

He won a Silver Bear for his role in "From the Life of a Scrap Metal Collector." His life didn’t get any better as a result.

A real disservice: the Berlinale award did not bring Nazif Mujić any luck Photo: ap

The biggest day in Nazif Mujić’s life was Feb. 16, 2013. In the film "From the Life of a Scrap Collector," the Rom from Bosnia had played himself – looking for a doctor who would be willing to treat Mujić’s wife Senada after a miscarriage, even though she had neither health insurance nor money to pay.

Public television: olympics on ard and zdf after all?

Negotiations on live pictures from the Olympics seemed to have broken down. But now it sounds like there might be a rapprochement after all.

Expensive fun: cameraman at soccer Photo: dpa

"Home of the Olympics" – that’s how Eurosport has been calling itself since January 1 of this year. Because since that day, the sports channel is also officially the exclusive broadcaster of the 2018 (Pyeongchang), 2020 (Tokyo), 2022 (Beijing) and 2024 (Los Angeles or Paris) Winter and Summer Games.

After agreement in geneva: the weapons are silent in libya

So far, the nationwide ceasefire agreed to by the conflict parties on Friday is holding. The UN can chalk up a success.

Negotiators last week in Geneva Photo: reuters

A nationwide ceasefire has been observed in Libya, signed in Geneva under the auspices of the UN. Negotiators from Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) and the unity government in Tripoli under Fajis al-Saraj had wrapped up the local non-aggression agreements, which had previously been agreed only verbally, into a comprehensive package on Friday.

New figures on arms exports: falling at a high level

The new benchmarks are not particularly flattering for the German government. The Economics Minister prefers not to comment on them.

Brigitte Zypries looked at jet engines on Wednesday. She did not comment on arms exports Photo: dpa

The number of German arms exports is falling – but at a high level. According to the interim report that Minister Brigitte Zypries (SPD) presented to the Cabinet on Wednesday, the German government approved arms exports with a total volume of 2.42 billion euros from January to April this year. In the same period last year, the figure was 3.3 billion euros.

Monday demonstration on saturday: against israel and the media

The Monday demonstrations for peace remain true to themselves: the audience is presented with conspiracy theories and media scolding.

Conspiracy theories under the sign of the peace dove: Monday demonstration in May. Photo: dpa

Werner Altnickel has the floor. He is to speak for 20 minutes about "geoengineering". With a lecture about "chemtrails" Altnickel tries to get the audience on his side, but only moderately.

Miniseries “little fires everywhere”: when everything catches fire

After "Big Little Lies" comes the new series from Reese Witherspoon. The thriller turns out to be a drama about racism and motherhood.

The two mothers Mia (K. Washington, l.) and Elena (R. Witherspoon) from "Little Fires Everywhere" Photo by Erin Simkin/Hulu.

The Richardson family home is on fire. Whereas house is an understatement, mansion or estate is probably a better description. But who burned it down? Their own daughter? The new tenant? Or their child? It was arson, that’s for sure. The police officer on the scene confirms it: It was "Little Fires Everywhere."

New iphone models in china: apple kowtows to beijing

The new Apple smartphones are not allowed to have an electronic SIM card in China. This helps the surveillance state.

Complicit in the surveillance state? Apple adapts the Iphone to Chinese requirements Photo: reuters

This Friday, Apple will start the worldwide delivery of its new Iphones. Chinese customers will also be able to purchase the smartphones for the equivalent of around 1,080 to 1,590 euros – with a decisive difference in the hardware.